Photos of our deliveries

Do you want to enjoy your holidays in Greece, Croatia, Caribbean and you have
not got enough time to do so?

Would you like to buy an overseas ship but do not have time to go check it and bring
it after you have purchased it?

Would you like to participate with your boat in a oceanic race and have no time to bring
the boat back?

Or just feel like sailing during weekends around other costs, fishing or sunbathing
and mooring in beautiful paradisiacal waters?

In Nauticalapalma we provide you with the best professionals that will deliver your boat
with the dedication, respect and care of a true sailor. We can also accompany you, or check
with you the boat of your dreams, wherever it might be. We can also deliver your boat
during the week so that you can enjoy it intensively over the weekend wherever you wish.
Our crew members are true professionals and will take care of your boat
and your passion for sailing.

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