· All vessel documentation must be on board.
· The vessel must have on board current insurance policy with all ship data
· Also, a filled in document authorising the skipper to carry out the delivery from the port
of departure to destination port.
· Have the vessel in good condition.


Conditions for delivery of vessels
Before departure we will study the journey to be made and give an arrival date as accurate as possible, calculated with distance to be done
and the state of the weather, recommending always, safe navigation avoiding situations that can endanger the safety of the crew and the ship.
Delivery rates

Transport according to the mileage to be made.
Airfare, train, bus or ferry costs to and from the boat, fuel and berthing costs,
when needed. We will seek to minimise expenses for the client where possible.

Payment of 50 % must be made before departure and must cover at least the cost of the delivery such as fuel, berthing and transportation of crew.

On arrival to the destination the skipper will give a detailed report of the delivery and the expenses which have occurred during delivery. The ship will be delivered in the same state in which it was given on departure: cleanliness, order, etc ...
The owner shall pay the remainder of the cost of transportation to the ship's arrival
to destination port.

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